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Max Jacobs

Special Projects Director, Human Resources

I'm Max Jacobs, Special Projects Director and former Human Resources Director at Fort McKay First Nation in northern Alberta.

Max Jacobs's Bio:

Max Jacobs has more than 20 years as an HR professional in the International Mining Industry, Pulp and Paper Industry, and Aboriginal Administration. This includes direct experience with employee development and training, recruiting, compensation, performance management, talent and succession management, and organizational development. He has considerable experience in safety systems in Mining and Oil-sands operations.

Currently, his primary passion is capacity building as a growth strategy for economic sustainability.

It is capacity building that best characterizes his current role as Special Projects Director.

Max Jacobs's Experience:

  • HR Director at Fort McKay First Nation

  • HR Manager at Berry Y & V

  • Superintendent, Employee Development and Training at Boroo Gold Company

  • Special Projects Director at Fort McKay First Nation

    Assigned by the CEO to design, plan and implement a number of large projects for the Fort McKay First Nation. The first project is focused on developing an Aboriginal workforce to increase Aboriginal participation in the work place, and particularly within the northern Alberta Oilsands. One unique feature of this plan is forging partnership agreements with other First Nations to support the project, including the sourcing of candidates.

Max Jacobs's Education:

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland

    BA(Ed), BSc, MEd (partial)

Max Jacobs's Interests & Activities:

In addition to core human resources functions, Max Jacobs is interested primarily in performance, talent, and succession management. One substantial, current activity is to oversee the development and implementation of a capacity building project (called "Steps Forward") designed to help First Nation members upgrade their basic skills and competencies thereby increasing their options for future employment and career development. He is also keenly interested in online business and internet marketing.

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